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Turning Point, a United Methodist ministry, welcomes the help of those in our community no matter their religious or non-religious affiliation. Our mission is to promote and restore dignity and hope among Columbians who are facing the possibility of housing crisis or who are currently experiencing homelessness.


A turning point is defined as, "a point at which a significant changes occurs."


We want to help facilitate positive turning points by providing a safe space, support, accountability, servicing needs and inspiring hope to transform lives to improve our community.

Turning Point is open 7:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday, and from 12:30 - 4:00 PM on Sundays.


How does Turning Point serve our community?



We believe that accountability is key to positive turning points for people seeking help. Our provided services help foster accountability through trust, safety and relationship, and is available to all who are needing assistance. Those who are seeking to use our services will be asked to sign-in upon their arrival and will be guided step-by-step according to each individual's specific needs. 


Neighbor Helping Neighbor


"...take care of your neighbor as you take care of yourself." -- Matthew 22:39


The neighbor helping neighbor concept is not only biblical, it's fundamental to our mission of helping our struggling community step out of crisis mode and into a strengthened posture of independence, hopefulness, and self-esteem. We need committed people like you who can step forward and recognize their calling to be faithful neighbors to our community.


Your time and skills help keep our expenses low so we can focus our financial resources on providing safe, daytime services for individuals in need. Turning Point offers the following variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the day and week:





  • Physical mailing address

  • Important document storage

  • Shower and laundry facilities

  • Sock exchange

  • Temporary storage of personal belongings for up to 60 days

  • Internet and telephone access

  • Employment and housing information

  • Trained staff to move folks out of homelessness

  • Central location to meet with caseworkers, tutors, life coaches and mentors

  • Prayer and Bible study

  • Encouragement and support in life's most difficult times





What is Turning Point?

What is Turning Point?

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